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Tension belt manual

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The manufacturer (Montague Bicycles) recommended the Gates 91107 Tension Tester. After a new belt has been installed, run the engine for 3 to 5 minutes to seat the belt. Heavy Duty V-Belt Drive Design Manual This manual includes tables, specifications, and procedures necessary to design high performance, heavy-duty V-belt drives. ” To operate the meter, the belt mass, span length and width of the belt must be entered. DriveAlign Premium OE Automatic Belt Tensioner GATES. Dayco engineers recommend careful belt tensioning. The unit mass table of V belt made by Gates 10. Then tighten belt so that it deflects 1/64-inch for every inch of belt span when a force as specified in the table below is applied to the top of the belt.

Belt tension gauges are used to properly check drive belt tension on drive belts to ensure maximum belt and bearing life. of the adjustable shaft locked after pre-tensioning the belt (see Figs. Contact Us ELECTROMATIC Equipment Co. Micro-V Belt Tension Ranges for Manual Tensioners Always use a belt tension gauge that indicates static tension, such as the Gates Krikit Tension Gauge, to determine proper tension from the Installation Chart.

That’s why thousands of industrial facilities, global operations, and OE manufacturers around the world choose Gates® hose and hydraulic systems, parts, and accessories to power their most demanding fluid power applications. To calculate belt tension, the Sonic Tension Meter system uses the “transverse vibration of strings theory. Select from the dropdown options below to find the appropriate belt tension for your belt. Engine Repair Manual.

Now you can get consistent, accurate tension readings without the stress, thanks to the Gates Sonic Tension Meter. Designed for the tension testing of a drive with two or more belts, this pocket-sized tool measures V-belts from 10” to 170” and up to 35 pounds of tension. tensioning systems include sliding or pivoting dropouts and eccentric bottom brackets.

78 KB) Find Stores. Belt Tension Calculator Proper belt tension ensures optimum performance of a vehicle&39;s accessory belt drive system. Redesign, using Gates manual. To calculate belt tension, the Sonic Tension Meter system uses the “transverse vibration of strings theory. The Dayco Krikit gauge is available at your neighborhood Pep Boys in two sizes.

Gates belt drive systems are not. Gates professional tools offer simple solutions for quick onsite and equipment inspection, maintenance, and repairs, backed by the Gates guarantee of world-class quality and reliable long-term performance. Belt Tension Gauge This easy to use and read tool allows for accurate belt tension to be set after belt replacement, adjustment, or wheel service. The CHECKLINE BTM-400PLUS accurately measures the static tension of flat, V and ribbed belts of rubber, leather, fabric and composite materials by measuring the natural frequency (Hz) of a segment of the belt that has been tapped and then converting it into tension units of newtons (N) or pounds force (lbf). Measuring the tension with a gauge is a good way to prevent belt drive problems. For belts wider than two. If the same drive used a 4-strand 3V PowerBand®belt instead of single belts enter “4” for the belt width (“Width” key). Measure belt span “t”.

This meter allows precision tension testing on a high-volume of bikes outfitted with Gates Carbon Drive. ARESBelt Tension Gauge - Use After Belt Replacement, Adjustment or Wheel Service for Accurate Motorcycle Belt Tension Setting - Universal Design - 10 Lb Specification - Compatible with Harley. Provide adequate guard or drive. The smaller is for v-belts up to 7/8" wide with a tension range of 30 to 150.

When measuring the belt tension in the V-belt drive, make sure the V-belts do not interfere with each other while vibrating. Belt Tension Gauge. Manual • Gates Single Barrel Tension Tester • Gates Belt and Pulley Gauges • Gates Pen • Gates Tape Measure • Gates Notepad • Gates Tension Card • Gates Belt Failure Wall Charts (Trainer) • Certification Quiz Sheet • Feedback Form Course Material Duration of course = 2hrs - 3hrs. The Sonic Tension Meter will display the gates belt tension gauge manual static belt tension per individual belt. If you need assistance designing your drive, contact our team of Gates product application engineers. from belt tensioning are too great for the shafts. Too much tension can damage the bearings within the rear hub, can cause the system to drag, and can increase the wear of. Belt Repair Manual.

To properly tension a timing belt, gates belt tension gauge manual place belt on pulleys and adjust takeup until the belt teeth mesh securely with the pul-ley grooves. /Newtons - Suitable for Flat belts of sizes 1/4" (6. The payoff is maximum belt life, reduced downtime and uninterrupted gates belt tension gauge manual equipment service.

ARESBelt Tension Gauge - Allows for Accurate Belt Tension Setting - Use After Belt Replacement, Adjustment or Wheel Service - Universal Design with 10-Pound Specification 4. V-Belt Pencil-Type Tension Gauge: V-Belt Frequency Meter: ContiTech offers a high-quality tension testing tool. Guarantee & Repair Guidelines P12 P11 P10 P13 This manual describes operation procedure of U-508. Simply strum the belt like a guitar string and the meter takes care of the rest.

, ensuring that the proper amount of belt tension is applied for increased life of the drive belt. Made for factory use, Gates Sonic Tension Meter measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt. 52 Get it as soon as Tue, Sep 22. Position the sensor above your belt and pluck the belt like a guitar string to create vibration.

When measuring the belt tension in the V-belt drive, make sure the V-belts do not interfere with each other while vibrating. The Sonic Tension Meter will display the static belt tension per individual belt. Formula: T = 4 x M x W x S2x f2x 10-9. 5mm) TO 1" (25mm). Related Documents.

- Scale reads 30–180 inch lbs. Use drive take-up when installing. Gates Preventive Maintenance & Safety Manual Manual Discover how proper installation and maintenance will optimize your drive performance, reduce costly downtime, and increase production with Gates® Belt Drive Preventive Maintenance Manual. V-Belt Tension Gauge Proper tension is the key to long, efficient, trouble-free belt operation.

Lack of belt tension can lead to tooth jump or “skipping,” when the teeth of the belt slide over the teeth of the rear sprocket. Many repair manuals include a schematic. Specification of U-508 12. It measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt. Gates belt drive systems are not intended for aircraft use. Proper belt tension is essential for optimum operation of the Gates Carbon Drive System.

Assuming tight and slack side tensions are constant over the respective belt lengths, and a minimum slack side tension in the range of the above relationship (uni-directional load only), the pre-tension is calculated utilizing the fol-lowing equation: Ti = T 2 + T. Consistent, accurate tension readings every time! Many Micro-V belts are automatically tensioned by a spring-loaded automatic tensioner, which does not require tension to be set. Proper belt tension ensures optimum performance of a vehicle&39;s accessory belt drive system. POWER TRANSMISSION TOOLS. drive systems or in-flight accessory drives. Please read this manual thoroughly before for full use of functions. Two of the lower cost options that Gates offers to check belt tension are the Gates Krikit I V-belt tension gauge and Krikit II Micro-V ® belt tension gauge.

gates design flex pro, gates unitta asia company, sonic tension meter, easy use gauge, gates unitta asia p9 p10, digital belt tension meter, gates tension gauge, operating manual learn Set the slack in providing accurate tension of your drive. Our selections of time-saving tools are a technician’s best friend and a facility manager’s trusted companion. Proper belt tension is of the utmost importance for belt drive performance and service life.

When the bike was delivered the manual explained how to do the set up to get the bike ready to use, and one of the steps was to check the tension on the belt. At Gates, we believe operating challenges are made to be overcome. There are 3 common methods for measuring tension on your Carbon Drive system: the Gates Krikit Gauge, the Eco Tension Tester, and the Gates Carbon Drive Mobile Apps. 6 out of 5 stars 58 . Krikit II Pocket Gauge for Ribbed Belts - Part Number 93866. It can measure a deflection force up to 30 lb.

Required support: 1 x room with table and chairs. The standard installation tension table of the GUA timing belt P9 P10 11. Note: Please refer to OEM recommendations about where to place the tension gauge on the belt. For a V-belt drive using four individual 3V belts enter “1” for the belt width (“Width” key).

Then, read the tension measurement on the display. Wide-Range Belt Tension Gauges Measure belt tension up to 2, 200 lbs. When you install a new set of belts, use the gauge to establish correct tension.

Timing Belt Tensioning Tool Schwaben® ES2222281 R 4) With the tension gauge mounted on the belt, read the actual belt deflection on the sliding scale indicator, referred to in the chart as the optimum tension. Note – Correct alignment of the belt has to be maintained as you adjust tension. Krikit Pocket Gauge for V-Belts - Part Number 93865.

Supplied with plug-in and cable-connected sensors. Braking Systems Do not use Gates belts, pulleys or sprockets in applications that depend solely upon the belt to slow or stop a mass, or to act as a brake without an independent safety backup system. Use on secondary drive belts with a 10 lb. Then, to gates belt tension gauge manual maintain performance, re-check belt tension after 24-48 hours.

Gates belt tension gauge manual

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